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Whats new in Firefox 6? For Web Developers?

Whats new in Firefox 6? For Web Developers? or lets ask for all users? Consider the following lines:

The most notable addition to this new release are the <progress> element, touch events, Server-Sent Events as well as the return of WebSockets.



Statement above is taken from,  first paragraph of about the new Firefox. Since Firefox 5 wasn’t that old, new release of Firefox is supposed to be more productive and useful for Web Developers, yes, as you can guess from the quote above. This time Firefox release is for Web Developers.

Other considerable new features which might make you happy, continue reading below:

Even more faster than Firefox 5

Last release of Firefox (Firefox 5) brought the most valuable changes in Firefox. Major and most loved thing was it is much faster. Current release of  Firefox 6 is again going little faster than Firefox 5.

Enhanced support for HTML5, CSS3 and DOM

Good news for Web Designers/Developers. Firefox now supports more HTML5, CSS3 and upgraded DOM manipulations. Check out the ‘s press release page here for in-depth  details.

Scratchpad – New tool for JavaScript Developers

Again, if you are a developer, from now on you will not ne relaying on Firebug’s Console for JavaScript debugging. Firefox has implemented new feature for debugging JavaScript, though it is much similar with Firebug’s Console. Scratchpad does not requires any add ons.

Domain Highlighter

Have you noticed the domain highlighter in Internet Explorer 9, It highlights the main domain and fade outs the page URL. Now you can experience the same feature on Firefox 6 also.

Control permission

Almost each browser allows users to control page securities like Cookies, Password remembering, disabling JavaScript, Popup blocking on page by page basis or on a overall basis. But you may want to do something more restriction on the pages like e-commerce application, business application and loose restriction for Facebook, twitter etc.

New Firefox allows you do the same. Its new Data Management Window will let you do you choices on site basis.

Go for it, but…

You ll obviously likely to upgrading to new Firefox 6, but before doing that consider following things:

  • Check you required add on whether they are compatible with new Firefox 6 or not?
  • Do you really need to upgrade just because it is a little faster than Firefox 5, (which isn’t that slow)?
  • Do the new features really benefits you more?
Good luck and happy browsing with new Firefox 6

Interface Developer, + CSS designer Nepal has new homepage now.

Recently I have created my new homepage. Please go at This is my new homepage.

I have made it using xhtml/css along with a little bit javascripts, so that it fits on whatever screen resolution you have. Every one is welcomed to my website to review my work &amp; give some suggestions. Please go to for what kind of work I do.

Continue reading Interface Developer, + CSS designer Nepal has new homepage now.

Merry X-mas 2009 to you all.

Merry Christmas to all of you. I wish this Christmas will bring lots of Happiness, Successness to your life.
We are coming on 1st Jan 2010. Plz do visit again. We will be making a very useful, resourceful web design community for all we web creatures.

Keep in touch.

With warm regards,