Learning Gamification

Learning Gamification

Applying game design principles & techniques to non-game elements to increase user engagement is Gamification.

Wikipedia says:-

Gamification is the use of game design elements, game thinking and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts.

The very best example of Gamification is FourSquare app & Nike+.  It is very very new concept so it’s a kid in our era.

Here are lists of very good place to learn more about Gamification, how you can use it today & what is the future of Gamification.

  1. Gamification –  Coursera Class
  2. Gamification & UX – Smashing Magazine article.
  3. Gamification by Designbook
  4. The Purpose of Gamification – O’Really
  5. Five Rules of Gamification – Forbes
  6. Fun is the Future – Mastering Gamification – Google TechTalks video

Hope the list above going to help you readers get more insight & details on Gamification. Have you come across any good  articles similar? Comment it down below, I will read it.

Top 10 Best Tools to Test your Mobile & Responsive Websites

Top 10 Best Tools to Test your Mobile Websites

Mobile Web Design, Responsive websites are the hottest trend in the Web industry now. Experts have made forecast that future is Mobile Computing. Luke’s infographic says more iPhone are sold in one day than babies born in the world.

Considering the trend nowadays we are working more on mobile websites, which is great. But do you have enough resources to check you work across multiple devices? I don’t have much. Here I have listed top 1o best tools to check mobile and responsive websites.

  1. Ripple

  2. iPhoney

  3. Mobilify

  4. Iphone4Simulator

  5. The Responsinator

  6. Mobilizer

  7. Opera Mini Simulator

  8. dotMobi Emulator

  9. Nokia Mobile Browser

  10. Test iPhone


That’s all for today. Any one of your favorite? Or any good one I missed? List them in comment below or RT us @CSSJunction

5 Best Articles to Learn Metro UI Design

Learn Metro UI Design

Microsoft Windows 8 is about to release. It will bring a totally new way in computing experience. Microsoft has changed the UI from classic bar button pattern to Metro Design Pattern. I think this is one of the most trending news in web designers world now.

Have you had any chances to learn Metro UI Design language? If not, here are 5 good resources  where you can learn Metro UI Design.

Metro Design Principles

Article by Arturot, an architect – he talks about core principles behind the Metro Design Language.

Link to article

Metro design guide for developers, v1.00

He is a developer, who codes yet shares the learning from Windows Phone design.

Link to article

Designing Metro UI Apps

This article is about designing apps for Windows 8. Definitely you can not avoid talking about Windows because its the origin of Metro UI.

In this article, you will find a video, really descriptive for Metro UI apps designing fundamentals.

Link to article

8 traits of great Metro style apps

One more video to see, quite lengthy – BUT it will give you straight views on why you should consider Metro pattern. Must watch.

Link to article

More Metro UI Resources

Link to article

Here you will find two slides to download and more article links to go further.

You also have more links to learn great things about Metro UI? Please comment it down.

Must read books for Web Desingers/Front End Developers in 2011

A book list for Web Designers and Front End Developers, one must read to keep your knowledge aligned with current standard of emerging web technology.


What is your preffered reading method? Reading on screen or reading printed books? I often choose printed books to read. Laying down on ground somewhere in park (or you may choose bed) and turning pages over, reading, makes more enjoyable (than just makign eyes bigger with tears looking at screen) – only possible if you choose to read printed books.

Web industry is such a emerging field where last things goes (usually, not always) too obsolete and if you dont keep yourself upto date with current standards, it shows there is a high possibility that your competitor will left you behind and steal more clients.

So, what takes it to be updated, well said staying upto date with current web standards and new technologies?
In order to answer question above and help you to do so, I have listed a essential books, reading upon, you ll gain good and aligned knowledge with current web trends.

List goes :

Smashing Book #2

By: Smashing Magazine

Smashing Book 2

Hardboiled Web Design

By: Andy Clark



By: SitePoint

Getting Good with JavaScript

By: Andrew Burgess

Responsive Web Design


Responsive Web Design

Rockstar WordPress Designer 2

By: Rohan Mehta

WordPress Designer 2

Magento Theme Designer

By: Richard Carter

Magento1.4 Theme Design

Distinctive Design

By: Alexander Dawson

Distinctive Design

Introducing HTML5

By: Bruce Lawson, Remy Sharp

Introducing HTML5

Other recommendations:

Enjoy reading, Happy reading !!!