Hello everybody, whats going on!

I want to say extreamly sorry for no post from a very long time. Reallt guys, as I was too busy so I can’t manage time for writing. A very gap, I feel that may have gone badly for you, but this is my promise that I will sure be available from herein. You all my readers are surely be surprized with lots of freebies & useful post.
If you readers there, also want to share your ideas from here, simply write me at hello[at]shekhardesigner[dot]com. Your posts are most welcome. I also want to make sure that after review, your post will be on this blog.

Thank you all for getting in touch
$hekh@r d-Ziner

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Shekhar K. Sharma

$hekh@r d-Ziner is a Interface Developer, having expertise in Interface design/development, CSS, ASP.net design & web design trends & etc.

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