IT FITs Version 2.0 – Our most popular responsive template

It’s been a while but it’s here finally. Version 2.0 of our most popular HTML5 CSS3 Responsive Template.

Major updates since last version:

  • Updated Typography
  • Added large display responsive support
  • Dropped IE8 and older support
  • Removed flashy transitions.


If you find any issues and want more features, submit them here in Github –


All Code hosting on Github

We have moved our sharing code base on Github. Yes, you heard it right. Today we have completed all code transfers, including demo previews on Github.  This will help us going further track bugs/issues and help resolve in run time. Also the download links will always have the recent one.

Find us on Github CSS Junction

We have published following project on Github as of now:

Happy coding!

Premium Portfolio PSD Template

UpdatesOn November 1, 2011

We have an upgraded version of this template. Its V2 Portfolio Template with enhanced design & additional pages.
– CSS Junction

Free Portfolio PSD Template

Similar like yesterday, I have new premium freebies for my readers to giveaway. Its a Free Portfolio PSD Template – layers psd is available to download. This template has been crafted by me, a freelance designer from Nepal.

As always, use this template for free in your personal + commercial projects, no need to comment or whatsoever for my contribution.
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Carbon Fiber – create in 5 minutes

High contrast website are often uses carbon fibers as background. It really gives an aesthetic look to website. We can found lots of free download carbon fiber available in internet. But most of those because of solid layers & blah & blah,  are hard to use. In this micro-tuts I will show you how to create a carbon fiber withing just 5 minutes.

Carbon Fiber in 5 Minutes
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Premium photoshop buttons to giveaway – Freebies Series – III

button-thumbMaking websites beautiful is a challenging work. Creating website that attracts your visitor is even challenging. When we want our users to do something, here buttons comes to act as Hero.

Today we are giving beautiful premium Photoshop buttons for our valuable readers for free. Scroll down the page & download it now.  We have 10 buttons for you with its hover state, so you will have a total of 20 buttons at this time. Feel free to use these buttons in your anykinds of projects. Continue reading Premium photoshop buttons to giveaway – Freebies Series – III

Watch Icon – II giveaway for our readers

Watch Icon

Watches icons like Windows 7 ready to be downloaded. Scroll down the page to get download link. Today we are releasing our second icon of Freebie Series.

Lets build reach GUI application interfaces which will definitely impress whoever views your work. Watches are most suitable icons for time showing places, this might be top corner of your application or an sidebar top item. Continue reading Watch Icon – II giveaway for our readers

High Quality Icons to giveaway – (Freebie series) – Day-I

While design for web comes to much consideration about interface’s looks & feeling. We try our bests to achieve good results. Including ICON to our interfaces makes it more beautiful.

Here CSSJUNCTION promises to bring you a very userful, high quality icons for you. We will be releasing an ICON per day. This months will be covered by beautiful icons which will definitely help you work better. Continue reading High Quality Icons to giveaway – (Freebie series) – Day-I