5 Best Articles to Learn Metro UI Design

Learn Metro UI Design

Microsoft Windows 8 is about to release. It will bring a totally new way in computing experience. Microsoft has changed the UI from classic bar button pattern to Metro Design Pattern. I think this is one of the most trending news in web designers world now.

Have you had any chances to learn Metro UI Design language? If not, here are 5 good resources  where you can learn Metro UI Design.

Metro Design Principles

Article by Arturot, an architect – he talks about core principles behind the Metro Design Language.

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Metro design guide for developers, v1.00

He is a developer, who codes yet shares the learning from Windows Phone design.

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Designing Metro UI Apps

This article is about designing apps for Windows 8. Definitely you can not avoid talking about Windows because its the origin of Metro UI.

In this article, you will find a video, really descriptive for Metro UI apps designing fundamentals.

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8 traits of great Metro style apps

One more video to see, quite lengthy – BUT it will give you straight views on why you should consider Metro pattern. Must watch.

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More Metro UI Resources

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Here you will find two slides to download and more article links to go further.

You also have more links to learn great things about Metro UI? Please comment it down.