Learning Gamification

Learning Gamification

Applying game design principles & techniques to non-game elements to increase user engagement is Gamification.

Wikipedia says:-

Gamification is the use of game design elements, game thinking and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts.

The very best example of Gamification is FourSquare app & Nike+.  It is very very new concept so it’s a kid in our era.

Here are lists of very good place to learn more about Gamification, how you can use it today & what is the future of Gamification.

  1. Gamification –  Coursera Class
  2. Gamification & UX – Smashing Magazine article.
  3. Gamification by Designbook
  4. The Purpose of Gamification – O’Really
  5. Five Rules of Gamification – Forbes
  6. Fun is the Future – Mastering Gamification – Google TechTalks video

Hope the list above going to help you readers get more insight & details on Gamification. Have you come across any good  articles similar? Comment it down below, I will read it.

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